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We believe in the asset of diversity. Our consultants come from different backgrounds (IT, training, coaching, sales,…) and thus bring different skills to the table. We proudly introduce a few of them here:

Simone ERET, Founder and Recruitment Consultant

Simone has worked in many different industries, including printing, design, fashion, textile, IT, and consulting where she worked in Business Development, HR, and Project Management roles.

Simone is German and has lived in France for 10 years. She speaks German, English, and French.

Her main focus is Recruitment (IT, Sales, Management), Employer Branding, and Interview training.


Frankie GENEVIEVE, Intercultural Business Coach

Frankie has  developed numerous pedagogical programs for international groups in industries like banking, energy, and software development.

As a certified coach Frankie focuses on intercultural intelligence, communication and transformation. Frankie is of British origin and has lived in France for 25 years. She works in English and French.

She is  our expert for complex and transversal projects, as  Outplacement (skills assessment) and Employer Branding.


Karim TEMAM, IT Expert

Karim has worked on complex IT projects over the last 25 years, mainly focusing on distributed architecture design and implementation with strong security requirements for clients in the banking and telecommunications industry.

Karim is of Algerian origin and has lived in France for 25 years. He speaks fluently French, English, Arabic, and Spanish.

He is our expert for building IT teams and assessing technical skills.

Hubert PENAS, Business Development

Hubert has a degree in Supply Chain and Quality Management.

During his career he has worked in different industries, such as logistics and shipping.

Over the last 20 years his scope has evolved from Customer Service Manager to Operations Manager.

Originally from France, Hubert has worked and in different regions in Asia and Africa.

He is based in Paris and focuses on developing our business in France.


Justine Borie, Business Development

Justine holds a diploma in foreign languages.

Originally from France, she also speaks fluently English and German – thanks to her work experience in Germany and the UK.

Justine is based in Germany and focuses on developing our business throughout Europe.

If you are speaking to us for the first time, chances are high that she will be the first person you will meet.

Snoop DOG, Security Agent

Snoopy, as we friendly call him, is a veteran in the security business.

He makes sure our visitors get a warm greeting and watches out that all our material stays in its place.

As he has the best nose in the company, we often ask for his opinion on our candidates whenever decisions get tough.

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