Speed or budget?

We offer different pricing plans, depending on your needs:
Do you want to hire ASAP? We can go all in!
Do you need to hire an entire team? We can do it!
Do you prefer to set a maximum amount of hours to hire as cost-efficiently as possible?
We can do that, too.

Our Flexible Pricing Plans


Recruitment Process Outsourcing
/ Hour
No additional charge
No down payment
Detailed reporting
Monthly billing
Recommended for :
Hiring a large number of people
Entry-level roles


Recruitment Process Outsourcing +
/ Hour
+ Hiring bonus €1500
+ Trial period validation bonus €1500
No down payment
Detailed reporting
Montly billing
Recommended for:
Hiring several similar profiles
Risk reduction & limited budgets

Flat Fee

Starting at
/ Hire
The rate depends on the difficulty of finding a hire
It is billed in 3 steps:
Down payment 40%
Hiring bonus 30%
Trial period validation bonus 30%
Recommended for:
Projects with a fixed budget
Hiring different roles that require separate sourcing efforts

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