Often when times are changing, jobs are made redundant and layoffs are inevitable.

Just like the onboarding, the offboarding process needs to be well managed to safeguard your employer brand.

Our outplacement program can help you to smoothen the transition for both, your company and the employees whom you are letting go.

What is outplacement and what are the benefits?

Our outplacement program will help your employees to review their career, reflect on a personal project, and take the necessary steps to its realization.

Our coaches are trained to assist them with each step along the way.

Some of your employees have not looked for a job in many years and thus may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of doing so. Our workshops for job seekers are a great way to prepare your employees for the job market. They will learn how a CV is done in the 2020s and how to score best in an interview.

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