Recruitment Guidelines

Save time and money

by Simone Eret, Founder of SE RECRUITMENT

Get the most out of your RPO with an optimal process

Give us ALL the information

A job ad is a good start, but what else do we need to know? Besides an introduction to your company culture, think of what else may have an impact on the candidate selection. Is your office going to be moved to another part of the city? Would you like your new employee to be able to move on to other roles within the organization later on? Which ones?

Give qualified feedback

If you don’t want to pursue with a candidate, let us know why. This way we can give them a qualified feedback and also recalibrate our search and present you a better fit in the next selection.

Don't let them get away!

Good candidates often receive several offers. As their decision who they are going to work for is certainly influenced by the interest of the job, it also depends a lot on the right timing. If your internal process is lean and you can make your offer quickly, you will increase the chance that your favorite candidate will sign it!

Check the references

It’s easy to recommend someone on paper. But when asking their references « Would you hire this person (again)? » you may sometimes be surprised. We do not just want you to get the most qualified candidate, but also someone who you will enjoy working with for a while.

Mind your employer reputation

Maybe not so obvious during a one-shot recruitment, but crucial in the long run. The better your company’s reputation, the more qualified applicants you will attract. Basically it’s a matter of treating your employees and candidates as you wish to be treated. To read more about how we can help you to optimize your employer branding, click below:

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