We find people.

Who we are and what we do

How to find the right people with the right skills in today’s competitive environment – especially when resources are limited and recruitment is a deadline-driven, time-consuming business?

Headhunter fees can be as high as 25% of an annual salary.

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) can be beneficial for companies with varying needs for recruitment granted that it provides cost-efficiency, high-quality candidates, and professional service.

Remember, the recruiter is the first person your candidates will meet – and thus the first impression you leave on your future employees.

Founded by Simone Eret in 2018, SE RECRUITMENT offers a great alternative to conventional recruitment firms.

Our business model is a combination of RPO and headhunting, combining the advantages of both: cost-coverage on our side and cost-efficiency for our clients.

We believe in great customer service, respect, sustainability (working remotely and as CO2-neutral as possible). Our goal is to provide real values to our clients and candidates.


We provide
R E A L values



towards our clients and candidates.

We make sure your future employees get a great interview experience and qualified feedback in the best possible delay.



in our work methods 

means direct communication,  transparency, and the shortest possible time to hire.

CO2-efficiency is part of the game: we’ve been working remotely and dematerialized since the first day.


is our major advantage compared to large corporations: we can work remotely or in our clients’ office, full time or part time, and your recruitment process shall be ours.


Our clients’ interests come first: unlike conventional «headhunters» we will not present the candidates we present to you to other companies at the same time. Our fees are independent from the salary our candidates are asking.

Our Services

“The recruiter you choose will be the first impression you leave on your future employees.”


stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing. We manage the recruitment process from A-Z.
Our economic model depends on the complexity of the project and our success rate - not on the salary of your new hires.

Employer Branding

Who knows best how good your employer brand really is?
- Your employees!
We help you to get the answers from them that you as their boss would never get. How?

Train to win

No race can be won without training.
We know that competition is tough and stressing before an interview is often part of the game.
How to be more serene and aware of the recruiter's expectations?

Our Focus

We mainly specialize in technical, sales, and multilingual profiles.

Software Engineering

Multilingual Profiles

Word of the founder

« I spent most of my career in sales- and consulting-related roles and managed IT-, finance-, and procurement related projects. As a Business Development Manager in a French consulting firm I was also given the responsibility for Communication and Recruitment. This is where I discovered my passion for HR. Just like sales, it’s a people business that requires knowledge of human nature.

We don’t hire diplomas, but personalities – and personality goes a long way. »

– Simone Eret, Founder of SE RECRUITMENT


We have been working with mid-sized and smaller companies in Germany, France, Switzerland, and Spain. They trust in our professionalism:


What our clients and candidates say about us

“Thanks to SE RECRUITMENT we could set up our team in Munich within a few weeks.

All team members are happy and doing a great job.”

Olivier Jullian, OJC cONSULTING

CEO, France

“Great people skills and candidate experience! Our team appreciated the inclusive recruitment process you set up. It enabled us to take more joint decisions.”

Oliver Bronner, HY.AM STUDIOS

Managing Partner, Germany

Your advice on my CV was of great help for finding the job I’ve been looking for. Thanks for your help!

Mohammed Sadik

Software engineer, Egypt

“Thank you for creating a very inspiring and engaging conversation (it was) one of my favourite interview sessions I ever had.
With every question you asked, you paid attention and respect to the candidate’s response. For me, this creates a really nice candidate experience.”

Pongpath Pongsupath

UX Designer, Thailand

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