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Workshops for professionals and graduates – available in French, German, and English

We offer interview trainings in which each participant will get to play both roles (candidate and recruiter) and be able to give and receive feedback.

Experiencing both perspectives will draw your attention to typical interview challenges and prepare you for a wide range of situations.
Participants will receive a recording of their own simulations for self-evaluation.

Example for a one-day workshop

Preparation: Participants choose a job offer for which they wish to apply and print it together with their CV and cover letter. We advise you to dress as if you were going to an interview.

9:00 am – CV and Cover letter – how to showcase your most relevant skills and make a great impression

10:30 am – Interview – how to prepare?

  • The importance of positive wording and body langauge
  • Examples of evaluation charts
  • Frequently asked questions and illegal questions

12:00 pm – Lunch break – with questions and answers

1:30 pm – Role play

  • 20-30 minute interview stagings; all participants get to play both roles, the candidate and the recruiter
  • 10-15 minutes feedback from the “audience” after each staging

5:30 pm – Recap of the acquired know-how & satisfaction questionnaire


For an optimum learning effect we recommend between 5-8 participants.

Yes. For an optimum learning effect your session may be recorded. We therefore recommend you to bring your personal device and charger. Please indicate if you do not want to appear in another person’s video (i.e. as the recruiter part).

All recordings made with our devices will be deleted after the training.

We do our best to keep trainings affordable. Fees per participant vary between 100 and 150€.

Schools and employers may bear the costs fully or partially.

If we currently have an opening for which we think you could be a good fit, we may ask you whether you are interested in an interview. 

You can also get in touch with us if you wish to be informed about future opportunities.

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