Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Why RPO?

Hiring an HR manager is only worth it at a certain company size.

Headhunters are quite costly and the quality of the service varies significantly.

The solution?

Similar to an internal HR service we manage your recruitment project from A to Z, applying your internal processes and making sure that your candidates get the best possible interview experience.

Unlike headhunters, we do not propose the candidates selected for you to other companies once they are in your hiring pipeline.

In addition, we operate cost-efficiently: cost coverage on our side and cost optimization for our clients. Part of our fees are based on successful hires and customer satisfaction.

As a result you save up to 70% on headhunter fees for service that is at least as good, if not better.

How we work - in 8 steps

Understand your organization, processes, and company culture; define the profile you want to hire

Write and publish an attractive job ad

Receive and sort CVs

Approach candidates through social networks, hiring platforms, and our database

Interview, test, and evaluate candidates

Present the selected candidates

Check references (at the end of the process)

Practical assistance for employers and candidates (relocation, visa procuration, government funding, …)

Our business model

Our fees include 1 effort-based and 2 success-based components.

Hourly rate

This fee is based on the time we spend on your recruitment project. The easier the candidates can be found and the faster you hire them, the less costly the project will be for you.

To keep these fees low, check out our guidelines here:

Recruitment success fee

This fee is only due if your hire a candidate we presented you. It is billed once the hired candidate starts working in your company.

It is a flat fee and not based on the candidate’s salary. We believe that it is best to remain impartial in your salary negotiations.

Trial period success fee

The second part of our success fee is billed once the hired candidate has successfully completed the probation period.

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