Employer Branding

What is Employer Branding?

According to the Management Study Guide, employer branding is « the process of positioning or promoting an organization to a desired group of professionals as an employer of choice. »

And employer brand is a company’s reputation in a job market as an employer. Building a strong employer brand is more important than ever. The process of building a strong employer brand is concerned with

  • Attracting the best industry talent
  • Engaging and retaining talent
  • Balancing the rewards and benefits offered to employees in return for their performance
  • Identifying unique policies and programs to demonstrate a company’s commitment to employee well being and growth
  • Constantly improving the understanding of unique employer traits
  • Sustaining the brand as a living identity
  • Showing strong commitment towards people
  • Establishing the company as an employer of choice
 Source: https://www.managementstudyguide.com/employer-branding.htm

Benefits of a great employer brand

Why bother? It’s very simple: employees work better when they are motivated, which leads to

  • Higher productivity

Turnover will be lower and more qualified candidates will apply.

  • Lower hiring and training costs

A good employer brand also leads to a better reputation of the company in general,

  • Increasing sales and company value

Employer branding audit

How we proceed in 5 steps

External Employer Branding Audit (online reputation – benchmark with main competitors / best in class)

Internal Employer Branding Audit (one on one meetings – employee questionnaires – group meetings)

Presentation of results and validation with management / HR – presentation to employees

Definition of goals + an action plan to reach them – definition of KPI

Follow-up of KPI / corrective measures if needed

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